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[Everything Is] Broken
If God were only strong not kind, or God were only kind but weak... 
Derek Webb & Billy Bragg wrestle with the problem of suffering over odd time signatures.

Fat Flish
Check my funky flip flops
A silly mispronounced whale of a tale about a flish.
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First Black President
There's a spot on the wall in your home, my picture would have hung
A gritty odd-time blues song with a pro life message.
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Great High Priest
You sacrificed your sinless life for me
A mid tempo worship song based on Hebrews 7:26-27.
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Healing Song
Son, your sins are forgiven
A 'first person' song (addressed from God to us) to help build faith during prayer ministry times.
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More Than I Could Say
You have called me your friend, when I was happy to be your servant
God lavishes his love on us. My most popular song at my home church, known to reduce my pastor to tears.
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One Three Nine
They found the place where you hid me...
Music from Grieg, words from King David. A prayer of the unborn.
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Lazarus-like you rub your eyes & stretch your wings
To see new birth happening right before your eyes is to witness a wonderful, holy mystery.
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Salt Water
When you sing your breathing embraces me
What would a child in the womb say? An emotionally raw folk song.

Shang Ding Hong Song
Enough staring! Let's fight!
When Sufjan Stevens falls asleep watching cartoons - this is the music he dreams of...

Son of God/God the Son
Purest light, no stain of sin,Glory cloaked in human skin
The mystery of the incarnation in a driving acoustic rocker.
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Song of the Redeemed
There is a song that even the angels cannot sing
A worship anthem for anyone who knows the wonder of being bought out of slavery.
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The Ballad of N.D.C.
If you need a kebab or a haircut there's no better place
A music hall inspired agitprop satire on urban regeneration.
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The Eglon Song
Back in the day when the Bible was thin
A kid's song about political assassination. Horrible Histories goes to Sunday school. A jazz tune about poop.
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The Greatest Commandment
Love the Lord with everything that you got
What if Carlos Santana was your Sunday School teacher?
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The Morning After The Day You Saved The World
Does everything feel holy? Does everything feel fake?
You've just done the greatest thing you will ever do. What are your plans for tomorrow?
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The Soundcheck Song
Every drummer needs a soundcheck, every singer needs one too
Reinforcing musical stereotypes,12 bar blues style.

The Weight of Glory
My destiny will not be dust
A meditation on 2 Corinthians 4:17-18. Strength for the suffering.
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You Spoke The Stars (Mercy)
The stars, they speak, the oceans roar, while mankind sits there speechless, silent as the soil.
Our Maker is our Redeemer.
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Your Difficult Decision
They'll applaud you today but when you crumble...
An acoustic ballad. A gentle appeal to a new mother to make the right decision.
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What's The Catch?

If I wanted to stop anybody exploiting my songs I'd put 'em in a shoe box and bury them in the back garden.

I WANT you to listen to them, sing them, play them on the guitar, give them away to your friends, inflict them on your enemies and annoy strangers by playing them loudly in public places.

You may do all of these things FOR FREE. In fact I encourage it. All I would ask is

  • If you post anything on the net (and I'd be honoured if you did) please link back to my site, rather than hotlinking to the files themselves. That way people can find out where the songs came from and get more freebies for themselves.
  • Don't charge anyone else for my songs. I'm pretty much committed to the whole 'dying in squalid poverty' thing but if I knew someone was making money on what I was giving away for nothing I'd feel all cross when I died & wouldn't enjoy Heaven as much.
  • If you're feeling really kind you could leave a comment (or email Matt AT MattBlick DOT com) and let me know what you like. A little encouragement goes a long way.

Thanks for listening. Now go get 'em!