Wednesday, 31 March 2010

New Song: The Ballad Of N.D.C.

More genre jumping songwriting with a Music Hall inspired, agitprop-pop satire on urban regeneration.
It's all yours - no charge, just leave me a comment.

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'Behind the song' post

In the year two thousand and nothing
Our Community got a New Deal
55 million pounds came from London
To fix Radford and Hyson Green
The N.D.C. were appointed to spend it
The Neighbourhood Development Company
But that’s not what N.D.C. stands for
Least not if you ask folk round here…

No discernable change,
No discernable change,
That’s what it means,
‘Cos that’s what there’s been -
No discernable change.

No discernable change,
No discernable change,
Well they came and they saw 
And spent millions galore
All for no discernable change.

 55 million quid don’t go far now
If you spend it on Alfreton Rd
The shops along there must be pricey
It’s a good job that half of em’s closed
But who cares that some’s standing vacant
When they’re boarded up so beautifully
If you need a kebab or a haircut
There's no better place you could be

 The government weren’t too impressed though
“For our money please give an account,
Is there anything left in the coffers?”
When they turned out their pockets they found-

No discernable change,
No discernable change,
Laggy bands and some sweets
And a lot of receipts
But no discernable change.

No discernable change,
No discernable change,
For only a pound 
We could buy Notts County 
But no discernable change.

 Some Nottingham folk saw it coming
They said things would come to no good

‘Cos the most famous local’s an outlaw
There's robbin’, but it ain't Robin Hood
Should we all take our grievances higher?
Does the blame lie at Council House steps?
If we made our voice heard next election
What outcome then might we expect?

 No discernable change,
No discernable change,
Vote ‘em in, vote ‘em out, 
When the last ballot’s counted
No discernable change.

No discernable change,
No discernable change,
Hyson Green you’ve been had, 
Radford, eat your kebab
There’ll be no discernable change

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  1. Very 'Weird Al' - Love it!

  2. Thanks Mat.

    Weird Al hovers at my shoulder like a kindly guardian angel.

  3. Saw you at the Golden Fleece last night. I live on Alfreton Road, love the song! Top stuff.


  4. Thanks Josh,

    Last night was my first ever open mic and first gig in a long time and I really enjoyed it.

    Glad to give your road a name check, hope it makes up for all the empty shops!

    Feel free to give away the song to anyone else you think might like it.

  5. still think you should play it outside the evening post offices! you were fab on stage at the maze.

  6. Thanks a lot! I'll see what I can do.

    The Maze was fun (if a little weird!)

  7. great song Matt. It seems you've already done some live performances. You should do more! I can imagine fans chanting it during a football game. (especially Notts County fans)

  8. Thanks Nato - I don't think County fans are proud of their club being sold for a pound though...


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