Thursday, 9 April 2009

Matt Blick Biography

About Me

I’ve been playing guitar for 26 years (after brief false starts on Drums and...erm...Tuba) and have recorded and gigged with all sorts of bands playing everything from Heavy Metal to Jazz, from Contemporary Gospel to Iranian Bagpipe music.

My music teaching career coincided with my conversion to Christianity (God convicted me that I should get a job) and I joined the team that planted Grace Church Nottingham in 2002.

For much of that time I’ve been responsible for developing worship teams & leading worship with Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! & Skinny Amfibbian but am currently enjoying a sabbatical.

I am married with 4 children.

About The Name

Young Glory is inspired by a quote from puritan writer Alexander Peden,

"Grace is young glory"

The name is a reminder that the saving grace we receive through Christ will ultimately result in the glory of an eternity with God.

Or, as another puritan Thomas Watson puts it,

"The kingdom of grace is nothing but the beginning of the kingdom of glory.

The kingdom of grace is glory in the seed,
and the kingdom of glory is grace in the flower.
The kingdom of grace is glory in the daybreak,
and the kingdom of glory is grace in the full meridian...

The kingdom of grace leads to the kingdom of glory.”

About The Blog

It's a place for me to post the best stuff from the Wide Wide World of the Interweb on the topics of

with a little
and some
thrown in for good measure.

If it's cool and free I'll try to let you know about it.

I also share mp3s and sheet music for my own songs
And links to songs by other writers that we’re playing at Grace Church Nottingham.

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Matt Blick


  1. Hi Matt

    Knew you and your wife when I was in my teens.
    My mum went to your church and I came once or twice.

    Love the site. Would appreciate if you would check out my site and give me some pointers on the youth section please.

    Its my first attempt at a site, and I have just got a new job as a church youth worker so I need all the advice I can get.

    The kids havent taken to the site so what am I doing wrong?

    All the best

  2. forgot to add my site:-

    Thanks Matt


  3. Hi Jeni

    leave me your email address!

  4. Thanks Matt, one tries one's best!

  5. Hi Matt - the likeness between us just got a level deeper: I learned to play tuba before I ever picked up guitar. Maybe that scarred me for life, and it's why I don't play so well......

    I promise to have never played bagpipes however, though I have a friend who does.

  6. Yes Tuba playing can scar you for life but not as much as being forced by your mum to wear Lederhosen to school when you're six (true story)!

    I only played drums in the bagpipe band!

  7. Can I send you some music sir?

    (I;m still reading!!!)

  8. @matt - sure you can send it via matt AT MattBlick DOT COM

  9. Hello Mr Blick,

    I stumbled on your blog after seeing your comment at a Rabbit Room's post.

    As a little gift and thank you for enjoying it (though nearly reading the Beatles' stuff only) and to help in your sabbatical year, I would like to send you a few wee dollars (or pounds, if you find it more helpful. That is for having thought you are in Nottingham, England, but maybe that's wrong).

    Do you have a PayPal account ? That would be the most convenient way for me to send you a little something. Otherwise, a bank account will also do.

    Awaiting your news to this e-mail address

    I remain

    Sincerely yours

    Yvan Rey


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