Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Salt Water - New Song Preview

Here's the lyrics for the third  (& probably most controversial) of my pro-life songs. Download the free mp3

Salt Water

All the light,
All the light that I can see
I can see through you.

When you walk,
When you walk my world trembles
And moves with you.

When you sing
Your breathing embraces me
But you haven't sung
Since the day you found out I was here.

I'm not a twinkle in his eye,
I'm just a little star inside
The universe of you.
Let me shine, let me shine.

I'm not an earthquake come to shake
All you worked so hard to make
But you can burn me, you can break me.
Keep me safe,
Keep me safe inside,
I'm not ready yet.

I hear the sound,
I hear the pounding of life
Coursing wild through you.

All you feel,
All you fear in your heart,
I can feel it too.

When you laugh
I feel your laughter shaking me
But you haven't laughed
Since the day you found out I was here.

I'm not a twinkle in his eye...

I awake.
My kindly prison flames with light.
It feels like time.
Is it my time, my time to arrive?

Salt water burns my skin,
Salt water burns my eyes.
(Though I've never seen your face,
Even so I love you)

© Matt Blick NeverbornSongs.Com 2009
For, and with thanks to, Gianna Jessen.

Download the free mp3
Read more about the inspiration for and writing of Salt Water

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  1. This is definitely my favourite of the three so far, lyrically anyway. Looking forward to hearing the mp3. Awesome work Mr. B.


  2. Thanks alot Ali

    I'm very grateful for the encouragement.

    The mp3 will be up tomorrow - hope you like it.

  3. Very, very good lyrics.
    Melody not bad either.

    I can't help feeling it would be better to hear a woman sing it though.

  4. Thank you so much Dorothy, I really appreciate your comment, glad you liked the song.

    I too think it would be better to hear a woman sing it (if i'm honest i think it would be better to hear anyone other then me singing). But I'm not sure why I think like that. After all 50% of the children who die in abortion are male...

    Anyway if there's enough interest in the song I would like to do more professional recordings of some of the songs and would really like to hear a female vocalist do them.

    Fancy taking a shot?

    BTW if you'd like to hear the previous two songs you can get them here

    Your Difficult Decision
    First Black President

    thanks again!

  5. Definitely my favourite of the four songs (if favourite is the right word) After listening to it I watched the Gianna Jessen talk on Youtube. Very powerful stuff!

  6. Thanks Mat,

    It's good to hear which ones people prefer, I can end up evaluating songs on how difficult they were to write or record rather than how they turned out in the end.

    Gianna's story is amazing isn't it. You can see why it stuck in my head and inspired a song!


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