Tuesday, 16 March 2010

One Three Nine: New Song Preview

Sneak preview of my 4th & final pro-life song.
Music: Edvard Grieg, melody & lyrics: Matt Blick.
mp3 posted Friday 19 Mar 10

One Three Nine

Almighty God, my maker
You formed the depths of me
Like wolves they came, encircling
Eager to tear me to pieces
You knit me together there, my maker
Deep in my mother's womb
But they found the place where you hid me
And dragged me out.

Almighty God, you made me
So fearfully and wonderfully
But fearlessly, so callously
See how they chose to unmake me.
Your works are wonderful, my maker
That I know very well
The horror of things evil men do
I know that too.

Almighty God you saw me
In secret you made my frame
But openly, so publically
They broke me before I was finished
There in the hidden depths you wove me
Such intricate handiwork
But they unpicked each strand, in clinical
Man-made light

Almighty God, you saw me
My body as yet unformed
They saw me too, thier hearts unmoved
Labelled me something sub-human
All the days you ordained for me Lord
Were written down in your book
But still their decree stood that not one
Should come to pass.

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