Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Worship God08 Seminars - part three

Here's a list of the seminars available FREE from the Sovereign Grace website from their WorshipGod08 conference.

Tech Team

Running an Effective and Peaceful Sunday Morning Rehearsal (Dave Wilcox and Ken Boer)
"Sunday Morning Rehearsal" = 'soundcheck'. This is a great seminar not just for PA guys but worship leaders and musicians too.

A Gospel-Centered Approach to Creative Media (Don Nalle and Dave Wilcox)
Caring for Your Sound System (Darryl Wenger)
In-Ear Monitors (Doug Gould)
Leading and Caring for Your Tech Team (Dave Wilcox)
Recording Your Song from Start to Finish, Part 1& 2 (Sal Oliveri)


Worship Team Checkup (Matt Mason)
Copyright Law and Church Music: The Eight Keys (Paul Herman)
Growing Your Team for the Glory of God (Jon Payne)
Maintaining Priorities in and around the Worship Team (Julie Kauflin)
Aimed at women who are either in the worship team or married to someone who is.

Pastors and Artist Musicians Working Together (Andy Farmer)
Training the Next Generation of Musicians (Ben & Nancy Chouinard)
This seminar is really about starting up a music school, so not really relevant to most people!

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