Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New Song Preview: Shang Ding Hong Song

So I finished Shang Ding Hong Song one hour before FAWM started. But I did finish it. That makes 3 songs in Jan, making it my most productive month.

I didn't have time to mix it, at least one track was muted by mistake. But it will have to do for now. Have a listen and leave me a comment

Shang Ding Hong Song mp3
Shang Ding Hong Lyrics pdf

To get things rolling -

My wife said she liked it but thought the knickers verse was a bit rude and she couldn't hear the vocals in the punk bit
My kids applauded when it was done and
My daughter Groucho said "mmm....I smell a Grammy"

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  1. Pure class - People are asking at work why I'm laughing like a loon!


  2. Thanks Mat - glad it brightened your working day!

  3. Did I already mention this is a superb song, one of your best!

  4. @Rob - No you didn't - thanks a lot!


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