Thursday, 30 September 2010

New Song: You Spoke The Stars (Mercy)

As promised here's my new 'Sovereign Grace flavoured' worship song. I was aiming for a Psalm 8/Psalm 19 type of song, but one that doesn't stop at how cool creation is, but gets to redemption through the cross.
You spoke the stars,
You spoke the seas,
You spoke the earth
And every creature that would be
You held the dust
Within your hands
And breathed your life into
The lifeless form of man
read the rest of the lyrics here

Click on the links to download the acoustic demo mp3, chord sheet or lyric sheet. A behind the song post will be coming soon, and hang on to your hats, 'cos it's a story that crosses continents and denominational divides!!!

(BTW With the lyric sheet I'm experimenting with a new format. Figuring that no one in this day and age is photocopying them onto acetates anymore I've laid the words out in clearly labelled sections ready to cut and paste into software programs like SongPro).

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Get downloads
acoustic demo mp3
chord sheet
lyric sheet

And don't forget there's lots more where that came from... more free songs by Matt Blick!

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  1. Love it Matt! - Thanks!

  2. Pretty much a textbook definition of a good song. Good (i mean great!) lyrics, easy to learn, simple chords, good timing, etc.
    Thanks Matt

  3. Hey thanks so much Nato - glad you liked it.


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