Monday, 6 September 2010

(The Lyrics For) The Morning After The Day You Saved The World

Last week I posted the free mp3, this week I'll be slowing rolling out all the other goodies. Expect a free chord chart soon, but for now here's the lyrics.

I'm a little unsure who or what this song sounds like. What do you think, either artist or genre wise?

So far I heard The Beatles (no surprise there), Nine Inch Nails, Bowie & U2 aswell as 'spacey' & 'mellow'.

What's your take?

The Morning After The Day You Saved The World

Driving home…did you even drive home?
Did you listen to the same songs as the night before?
Driven home…did your head rest on the window
As the taxi drivers small talk turned into white noise?
Did you take a long, hot bath, feed the cat, fix a snack,
Or sit out on the back step staring at the night?
Did you speak to anyone, call your mother on the phone
Or was the only sound the static in your mind?

The morning after the day you saved the world,
What did you do?
Did you watch the morning news to see if they talked about you?
The morning after the day you saved the world,
Did it seem a little strange
Knowing everything had changed when everything still seemed the same?
Was it humdrum & mundane
Or did you roll the stone away?
The morning after the day you saved the world.

Waking up … did the ground beneath your feet
And the bed beneath your sheets seem grateful just to bear your weight?
Woken up … was it just the phone kept ringing
Or were a choir of angels singing to raise you from the grave
…Or did the silent air surround you like a cage?

The morning after the day you saved the world
Is there anything left to do
But sit & wait for the street names & the statues?
The morning after the day you saved the world,
Did you read the rave reviews,
Plan your next career move, think of the kids named after you?
Did you buy a faster car?
Did they want to see your scars?
The morning after the day you saved the world.

Does everything feel holy? Does everything feel fake?
When you met old friends for breakfast did they recognise your face?
Is it hard to plan your comeback when you haven’t been away?
Did it ever cross your mind when you saved the world
If the world that you saved would stay saved?

The morning after the day you saved the world,
Did you feel a little bruised?
A little confused & déjà vu-ed,
Like your scars were really someone else’s wounds?
Cos you never really saved the world,
Though you fed a multitude
Though you even saved some Jews
You were just walking round in someone else’s shoes.
Someone who died to saved the world.
Nailed down, crucified to save the world.
You never really tried to save the world.
Did you try to speak to God?
Or try to find a different job?
The morning after the day you saved the world.

(c) Matt Blick 2010

Download the FREE mp3 or chord sheet here.

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  1. Having the lyrics in front of me makes me love this song more than when I first heard it!
    The last verse is amazing - incredibly deep and poetic!

  2. Matt, this is powerful. I love the lonely imagery, the twist that such a pivotal moment could leave more of a question mark or ellipsis---not a shining exclamation point.

    Also--can you e-mail me the track?! I've been trying and trying over here and I can't seem to download more than 2 broken megabytes of it.

  3. Tozier - I've fixed the link - it was pointing to another page on the blog rather than straight to the mp3

  4. Sorry for my late reaction (my new year resolution: comment more). What a song. 6:21, a lot of key changes, and a skillful climax. Quite an accomplishment. It reminds my of Michael Penn (but then, nearly all good songs remind me of him).

  5. Thanks Rob, good resolution! Michael Penn? Not really heard him - any place you'd suggest I start?

  6. In a music shop, in a library, or behind your pc. My favourite album is ´MP4: Days Since a Lost Time Accident´ (2000). But his other output is equally wonderful.

  7. haha - thought I might find him down the back of the sofa! That album has gone on my 'to check out' list. Thanks.


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