Slow Motion Riot (The Kids Album)

Part of my FAWM challenge was to co-write with some of my pupil (aged 8-10 generally) and my own children.

You can download the whole album or get individual songs below. I'd love to hear your comments here.

(You can download the songs I wrote with grown ups here)

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Individual Songs

I Lost My Capo

A sample mash up, made with my kids almost entire from toys and found sounds

Mortal Engines

My son Chico, made a mash up track of garageband loops and asked me to do some crazy guitar over the top. I did.

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Bananas In Ice Cream Land

He smells of coffee, even though he's a banana. He has a girlfriend who lives in Havana...

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Pandas From Outer Space

If you're made of bamboo then they're coming for you

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Rock My Chair

Everyone has done it. Everyone has been told off for doing it. Even Willow Smith.

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Old Man's Facial Hair

If Michael Jackson's Thriller was really about all the food in your Dad's beard it would sound like this

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A spoken word scary story about undead kittens and stuff. Bwah hah hah....

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Submarine Survivor

A rap song about repainting submarines. Whaddaya mean another band wrote a song about a colourful subaquatic vehicle? Are you sure????

MP3 -

I Like To Play The Guitar

It's fun, fun, fun when you strum, strum, strum

MP3 -

I Broke My Leg On A Monkey

The true story about how I injured my leg

MP3 -

The Path

A guitar instrumental. Joe Satriani in a mellow mood playing in the court of Elizabeth I.

MP3 -

Cliff Jumper

A 52 second stroll along Beachy Head. Wait. Isn't that Mr Blick? Aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!


Do Not Sit In The Chair

Especially the yoghurt chair. Don't say we didn't warn you...

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I'm The Only One Who Knows The Lyrics

You can't sing it...

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