FAWM Songs

FAWM is the February Album Writing Month challenge. Songwriters from all over the world try to write 14 songs in 28 days. In 2011 I wrote 24 songs during February and my track Let's Build An Airport appears on the best of FAWM compilation 14 Songs In 28 Days Vol 7.2


Bug Bug Buggy Bug    MP3
Cheese On Toast   MP3    CHORDS   LYRICS
Glory   MP3
Happy Valentine's Day   MP3    CHORDS    LYRICS
I Got The Jungle (Right?)    MP3     LYRICS
Israel's Praise (Psalm 22)   MP3
More Than We Can Carry (co-written with Steven Wesley Guiles)   MP3
Shut It (Cult Of The Diamond Geezer) (co-written with Tom Spademan)   MP3
Space Monkey Mafia Theme Tune (co-written with Tom Spademan)   MP3
Space Monkey Mafia Theme Tune (Closing Credits) (co-written with Tom Spademan)   MP3
That Box    MP3    LYRICS
Toasters Of Death Incorporated   MP3
Sadie's Sister (co-written with Stuart Kidd)    MP3
(We Need A) Holiday    MP3    LYRICS  


Eleven Sweets   MP3
I Got Lost   MP3   LYRIC SHEET
I Lost My Capo   MP3
If You're Here This Morning   MP3   CHORD SHEET
Let's Build An Airport   MP3
New Mistakes (co-written with Steven Wesley Guiles) MP3   LYRIC SHEET
Victoria (co-written with Alfalfa)   MP3
While You Sleep The World Still Turns Without You   MP3
You You You    MP3    LYRIC SHEET

Part of my FAWMing involved co-writing with my pupils (generally aged 8-10). You can find all the 2011 FAWM songs I wrote with children here