Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Song: (Everything Is) Broken

If God were only strong not kind
Or God were only kind but weak

(Everything Is) Broken is a head-on collision with the problem of suffering in the form of an odd-time signature heavy metal folk song. Imagine if C.S. Lewis grew up listening to Iron Maiden. Imagine if Billy Bragg was being discipled by Derek Webb.

I start to understand as he breaks the bread
Red wine burning deep into my chest
You said, “This is my body”...

Read the (Everything Is) Broken lyrics
'Behind the song' post coming soon.

And please - if you like the song - leave me a comment. Thank you so much!

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  1. I see the lyrics of the pre-chorus has changed from Ashamed to Afraid.

    Fantastic song! :D

  2. ..and in the 4th verse Breaks -> takes the bread

  3. I'll be honest, when i read "heavy metal folk" song, a (very) small part of me was imagining some growling vocals and a pointless breakdown at around the three quarter mark! I really like this song, it's a great set of lyrics and I particularly like the abrupt ending. It doesn't just fizzle out and let you forget what you just listened to.

  4. Well spotted Mat - I think one is something I changed and forgot to update on the lyrics sheet and the other is one I changed after I recorded. Not sure which is which! Will have to check.

    Thanks Ali - I thought that having a 'broken' ending would be appropriate!

  5. Andrew Barden22/1/11 8:48 pm

    Great song, Matt! Nice work as always :-)

  6. Thanks Andrew, glad you liked it.

  7. I enjoyed the song Matt..great sounds on the guitar and I enjoyed the lyrics, just reading them again now.


  8. Super! I like a lot: the time-signatures, the insightful lyrics, the guitar chords, and not to forget your powerful (don’t you have neighbours?) singing voice (I am jealous). I enjoy the quite ‘everything is’ part just before the climaxical (is that a real word) chorus starts. And if there is not much difference in meaning to you you could alternately use ashamed and afraid.

  9. Thanks Rob - I like climaxterating! I record at Shabby Road my little industrial unit/studio where the guys with the car spray garage and my friend with the giant loom make as much noise as I do!

  10. Sam Parfitt2/11/11 8:42 pm

    Hi Matt,
    I really like this one!! Very passionate and makes me want to join in singing. If I listened to it too much I might get a bit down though. I need to hear more about when it will all be fixed---I'm a sucker for happy endings though!

  11. Thanks Sam - I really appreciate you taking the time to search out the song. I think we need to hear about the happy ending but I'm trying to resist the temptation to wrap it all up neatly at the end of every 4 minute song!


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