Friday, 30 July 2010

Behind The Song: The Greatest Commandment

Songs For Small People

This song was written to tie in with the teaching curriculum for ‘Arrows’, the 4-10 yr olds kids ministry at my Church. In writing specifically for kids I was determined to avoid the standard ‘3 chord jolly folk music’ model. Eventually I settled on a jazzy/latin style using the blues scale in the melody.

I tried to make the melody simple and memorable by using the same melodic fragment on with everything that you’ve got/I wanna love you Lord and the instrumental intro.


The general vibe was inspired by an old song by Charlie Peacock, Nobody's Gonna Bring Me Down from the album West Coast Diaries Vol #2 which is also where I learned this unusual chord shape -

Eb maj7 (low to high) - X6578X

A couple of other unusual ones were the legendary Hendrix chord

D7#9 - X5456X

And this jazz favourite

Am7b5 - X0554X


I wanted to get across the Hebrew understanding of the concept “heart, mind, soul and strength.” They are not four individual components of a person (to be dealt with in different ways) but one unity. The command is a command to “Love the Lord with everything that you’ve got”.

Download the song for free!

mp3 backing track     
Chord Sheet     
Recorded Version Chord Sheet

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