Friday, 19 February 2010

New Song: Your Difficult Decision

Your Difficult Decision is the second of 4 songs I'll be posting through Feb and Mar with a Pro-life theme.

This song tries to capture the sad reality that the decision to abort a baby is often made with little (if any) support or input from the father of the child while, at the same time, still affirming that the decision being made is about a person's life.

When you look into his eyes you know he's frightened
Still he's trying hard to say what's right
'Cos he knows deep down a man should be supportive
So he says "I'll be there for you, whatever you decide"

But he's hoping all you want him to be there for
Is a lift home from the clinic when you're through
You didn't think that you'd be carrying a baby
And you know you don't have the strength to carry two

It's up to you - it's your decision...

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