Friday, 4 February 2011

Tom Waits' Entrance

My latest obsession (not counting the ongoing Beatles-induced madness) is gravel voiced junkyard dog/genius Tom Waits. Reading Lowside of the Road: A Life of Tom Waits I've been impressed by his continual desire to improve his craft, trying out his story songs at poetry workshops and attending songwriting workshops even when had a major label deal. But the following quote really leapt of the page -

I don't write year [all] round...for me, a lot of it's like going back to a place where you go a lot but the season changed and the vines grew over the entrance...and you get back there and you say, “Well I'm standing right where I was, how come I can't get back in?'”
Low Side of the Road p.307

I've experienced exactly the same thing, even after working faithfully on music every day I found that if you're not WRITING it doesn't matter how many hours you spend with a guitar in your hands you still be as rusty as if you'd been glued to the couch watching Family Guy.

That realisation is why I'm trying to write every day and why I've signed up for FAWM 2011.

PS one other reason I love Waits is his gift for a pithy quote. Check out Tozier's post Your hands are like dogs if you need proof.

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  1. The first time I heard 'On the Nickel' by Waits, I cried like a school-girl.

  2. Not heard that one Matt, but Johnsburg, Illinois makes me feel all mushy inside!


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