Thursday, 10 February 2011

Day 41: Song 4 (or is it 5?)

Been getting a really good reaction to yesterday's song New Mistakes on FAWM.
That was amazing! One of the best collabs I've seen!
GREAT GREAT job with the song! You actually MADE it into a opposed to an instrumental. Man, you really did a good job shoehorning something into those parts. :)
Fantastic! "So Cupid drained the pool before/ You took a swan dive from the highest board?" MAGIC.
excellent song! I wish the vocals were a little bit louder in parts, just because they are so good. I love the way this song is constructed....unique, love the paranthetical comments and the guitar solo. The ending is perfect..really well done from start to finish - great collab!

Looks like it was worth the pain.

Finally recorded song 4 (which got put on the back burner for the collaboration) Wood & Stone. It's on the 2011 download page where it say (and I quote. Often) -
The contemporary western Church generally doesn't 'do' corporate contrition. But it should have place somewhere. This is a verse from Daniel set to possibly the most evil sounding chords in the galaxy. If Darth Vader was a Christian this would be his favourite worship song

In other news

 - been editing my first Kid's collaboration in every crack I could (lunch break, on the bus!). It may be song 6.
And I had a great birthday.
And my legs getting better (thanks for asking).
And I found a giant nut on the road.

Download all my 2011 songs for free!!!
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