Monday, 7 February 2011

The Fanboy Files #1

Cos I'm too busy making music to listen to music (even, sadly, my own) during Feb - the only new music I'm listening to is being made by my fellow FAWMers.

Here's some people I'll be checking out further when this whole thing winds up. I'm going to recommend songs that you won't be able to get 'cos they've only just written them!

In fact they might even be writing them right now!!!! (But check out there old stuff now and remember you heard it here first).

Steven Wesley Guiles has a cool beard and a cooler guitar. I love his song I'm gonna love you anywayDownload this MP3 Directly - this link is fixed now.

Max Vanremmerden has a crazy album of 5 second songs out for free download

TV's Kyle's song Yellow Monster is an 8th (bit) wonder of the world. He Might Be A Giant too.

Nottingham muso Mountain Schmountain hasn't written any songs yet (the naughty boy) but has got a free Christmas EP available with an exquisite song called Paper Snowflakes on.

Lastly (for now) the mysterious lady know as Em Keev is blogging about her FAWM experience and writing songs on the Mountain Dulcimer.

Download my 2011 songs for free!!!

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