Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day 43: Writing With MY Kids

This FAWM challenge is hard work, so I thought it was about time I let my kids do some heavy lifting. Today was mostly about finding ever toy in the house that made a noise, hitting various things, flushing the toilet and trying not to drop the mic down it (don't worry Ali - we didn't!) and then chopping it all up to make a song.

And then feeling sad when the mac crashed - losing one hours worth of work.
Yes, the song is that awesome the mac lost it's mind. I know how it feels...

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  1. Absolutely no comment about macs and the fact that they 'Just Work' - Oh no - I wouldn't stoop so low..... - Darn!

  2. Having now purchased a mac and therefore (according to the small print) sold my soul to Apple I can neither confirm or deny that statement.



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