Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day 39: Hey Shorty! It's My Birthday

Was given a load of what I presume were birthday cards by a bunch of people I presume were my family at some ungodly hour in the morning. I didn't regain my eyesight till they'd all left.

Got up and went to work.

Wrote one more song with some pupils. Got off work early (due to an unexpected trip to Cadbury's World). Did some work at home on Steven's song (someone on FAWM has already beaten me to collaborating on this tune but I'm gonna finish my version anyway).

Don't have any earth shattering thoughts to share on my 42nd anniversary of arriving on this troubled ball of spit and sand, but you might like to read the advice I gave to my pupils on my 40th birthday.

Later on it's a Chinese Takeaway with the family when Chico gets back from football training, followed by presents and a night in.

You didn't get me anything????? Don't feel bad. It's still not too late to get me something from this virtual list. I'd LOVE any of the following.

1) Leave me a comment about some song you've downloaded and really like. Leave it here is just fine.
2) Recommend a song of mine you like to someone else. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Stumblethingy or just good old fashioned email.
3) Follow my blog if you don't already. Or follow my Beatles blog if you don't already.
4) Download a song of mine you haven't downloaded.
5) Buy me the complete works of Shostakovitch (baby hummingbird-skin bound edition. Amazon $3500) Thanks Larry! (sorry folks, the rest of you will just have to settle for 1-4)

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  1. Hope you have an awesome birthday, Matt!


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