Thursday, 3 February 2011

Day 34: Roundup


Who'd have thought that a song that took just 24 hours to write would be one of my fastest downloaded? If You're Here This Morning may even hit 50 downloads before the end of the day, all off the back of a friend's facebook link.

BTW - I don't have any time to do all the virtual shmoozing I'd normally do, what with having to write another 13 songs an all. Help a guy out. If you like the song or any of the others post a link on FB or tweet it or something (there's buttons on my blog if you click through). Say something like "this song's so awesome I think it just fixed the ozone layer"

Dirty Stop In

I just couldn't face another jaunt to Shabby Road (did I mention my bad leg?), so I wrote at home. One great thing about having a writing place is that you can leave. Then you know you're done. Writing at home you keep putting it off and then when you start writing you keep picking away at it when you should have called it a day. Spent an hour more than I should writing a song called I Got Lost.

Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

Started said song at School. As I was back in the room I picked up a Tatra Classic (the same model as my first guitar) which seemed appropriate. It only had the A and D strings. In the spirit of FAWM's crazy challenges I decided to write a song using only those two strings. I have 2 verses, 2 pre choruses and a weak chorus.

Happy New Year

It's Chinese New Year. Why not celebrate it in the Traditional way by downloading Shang Ding Hong Song

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