Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 59: Kiefer Sutherland Can't Help Me Now!

Just a quick update.

24 hours left to go on FAWM
All 12 of my school kids songs finished and posted on the 2011 page.
I've finished 21 songs so far. Including a lofi song that I'm really happy with called "let's build An Airport" also on 2011 page.

My friend Adam Giles after spending most of Feb in his dungeon like basement has leapt over the FAWMish line (see what I did there?) in a single bound with a 14 track neo-classical instrumental concept album based on the Dr Faustus play

Update With 13 hours to go - I'm finished. Wrote guitar parts for my son's garageband loop frenzy (Mortal Engines), set a story about my daughter's sunday school to music (Eleven Sweets) and just had some kind of semi-improvised punk-fuelled freak out called Goodbye.

I'm done. 24 songs in all. In one month. I can't believe it. 

Download all my 2011 songs for free!!!
Other free songs by Matt Blick

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