Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Day 47: You You You And Too Much Taylor

Time to be a real blogger and splurge my private life all over the internet.

Bought my daughter Groucho a guitar and a Taylor Swift ticket for her birthday. And a Taylor Swift blanket!!!!!!

(Man you know you are famous when you have your own blanket!)

Anyway I was so proud of her. She said to herself when unwrapping what was obviously a guitar, "please, don't let it be pink. Please don't let it be pink"

It wasn't.

She said later - "You don't really do pink guitars do you?"
I replied - "Pink instruments are like breasts. I quite like them but I wouldn't want to own any myself".

Moving on.

Song #7 is up. Called You You You it a soul jam love song for my wife (again?! - you wait 20 years for a song from your husband then get 2 in the same year...) It's on the NEW download page along with everything else. Let me know what you think....

I'm now a clear 2 days/1 song behind.

Gird up your loins young man!

Download all my 2011 songs for free!!!
Other free songs by Matt Blick

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