Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day 46: Constipation, Multi-tasking & Peer Pressure

So I'm officially behind schedule with FAWM. I'm not too worried as I have about 10 or 11 songs in various states of recording. Yep. I have so many I've lost count. I recorded about 10 co-writes with kids at school, and the little blighters just kept popping out more at every opportunity. Now all I have to do is turn the little fragments of white sugar and Ritalin inspired mental overspill into actual songs.

I also had another great idea.

Why not record a song with my own kids, composed entirely of sounds from their toys? Well, because you'll end up with so many tracks and edits the mac will crash repeatedly. That's why.

So now I have my 8 bit fidget house epic sitting on the hard drive alongside a great multitude of junior musical brain farts that no man can number. 

And I'm learning again that when I'm stuck in the editing/recording/mixing stage that I feel as far away from writing as it's possible to feel while still writing.

So I decided to work on a 'real' track called Plenty O' Room Upstairs which seems to be cut from the same musical cloth as If You're Here This Morning.

In other words I'm multi-tasking.

Last year a whole multitude of witness from Leo @ Zen Habits to Matt Perman and The Beatles convinced me that MULTI-TASKING IS BAD.

Even for women.

Help me...

Meanwhile, in other news, FAWMstar Steven Wesley Guiles has written a love song for his wife on Valentine's Day. He's done this every year since they've been together. This is his 16th song.

I've been in love with the same woman since I was 16 (if what emanates from my selfish and sin encrusted little stump of a heart can be called love). I'm now 42. I wrote my first song for her last month.

Oh the shame.

Imagine my surprise when stopping off at Shabby Road to pick up Groucho's birthday present (a Yamaha SCF08 acoustic guitar) I wrote song #7 and love song #2.

It's called You, You, You 

Thank you God. Thank You Christine. And thank you Steven.

Download all my 2011 songs for free!!!
Other free songs by Matt Blick


  1. Glad I could help. :)
    Bringin' the shame since 1995!


  2. I have added a FAWM link to my musicblog that will bring the accidental visitor to my little corner of the FAWM universe. I am multitasking too, that is the only way to survive this frigging challenge. It forced me to work more structured (made separate trays for finished lyrics, lyrics with chords, and lyrics with chords in recording phase).

  3. @ Steven - thanks man! I'm feeling it!!
    @ Rob - I found you already - thanks! Multitasking will drain your life force, make you impotent, cause the light in your fridge to burn out more quickly, and make your breath smell of beef. Don't do it!!!!!!

    Well OK then. maybe a little won't hurt.

  4. i would recommend some movicol for that constipation...

  5. Ladies and gentlemen I think me wife just visited my blog for the first time!!!!!

  6. "a great multitude of junior musical brain farts that no man can number." - best line ever, worthy of Richard Curtis.

  7. @CK (Chris?) - why I thank you~!


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