Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Amazing OK Go!

I'm a fan of Mutemath and their amazing videos but American band OK Go blow MM out of the water with two incredible videos for the song This Too Shall Pass.

First the Rube Goldberg machine version which is nuts. Some clever editing makes it look like a single take but even so it is a work of certifiable genius. If you want to know more there are a series of 'making of' videos - here's part one.

You'll have to go to Youtube to watch the Marching Band version but believe me, it's worth it. Then why not get a free mp3 of the marching band version from OK Go's website.

If you like what you see this band deserves your love - they have parted company with thier record company today but I'm sure that is EMI's loss.

Zach saw it first

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