Wednesday, 24 March 2010

OK Go Again, Jazz Police & Beatles vs U2

I know Wednesday is in danger of becoming the OK Go appreciation day on this blog, but if you've seen the Rube Goldberg Machine video for their song This Too Shall Pass (and why on earth wouldn't you have seen it?) then I know you'll be interested in the new feature on their site. An interactive floor plan of the machine with videos, photo & 'did you know' sidebars. 

Unleash your inner geek.

Zach Nielsen posts more in a day than I do in a month but still manages to gig with a jazz trio. Now he has a dedicated website with free mp3 downloads. Try a tasty Message In A Bottle starter then head over to the audio page for the main course.

For the songwriters among you there's a post on the blog after 909 looking at why The Beatles were so prolific and why U2 aren't. It's called Blessed Are The Limited.

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