Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 3: O Lamb Of God - Bridge Lyrics

Brrr. Shabby Road is cold. I sit at my enormous desk with the heater underneath with the metal struts heating up to melting point while I write with my coat and hat on.

For the last few songs I've been following Jason Blume's advice to plan out all the sections of the song and what I want to say in each one in advance. For some reason I didn't on O Lamb Of God and now I have to reverse engineer what I want to say in the middle. Not easy, and I'm hemmed in by the mood of the music too. Today a tried a few ideas.

I've got a little pre-writing ritual that I'm trying to get stuck in my head. I touch every wall (except the ceiling of course) and thank God for the place to write, then I try to sing a worship song to fix my eyes on the author of all creation before I try to create anything.

Today I sang Son Of God/God The Son. It's a good song that never really took off the way I hoped. Don't know why. After a while you start to rate your songs the way everyone else does, so in my mind it's become a bit of a failure. But it's got some good stuff in it & I like it.

Maybe you might too?

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