Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Blast From The Past On Sunday Morning

Last Sunday I had the weird experience of sitting in the congregation while the band led us in a song I wrote two years ago, More Than I Could Say. Around the same time the song reached 75 downloads. Which is pretty good for my modest little blog considering that when I wrote it I must have emailed it out personally to every member Grace Church had at the time. It was humbling to sit there hearing every flaw and shortcoming in my writing abilities and yet be told by several people afterwards that it remains one of their favourite songs. (For the record I do like the Am chord in the chorus...)

Anyway - if you haven't heard the song you can download it here for free.

More Than I Could Say mp3     Chord Sheet     Lyrics      Behind The Song

And if you DO have it, and like it, you could always leave me an encouraging comment?

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  1. 'You gave me a song, when it was enough that you ended my weeping'. Inspired.

  2. James Barbour23/1/11 8:39 am

    I don't think I realised this was written by you... I do tend to lose track of these things! Is is an insult to say I thought it was written by some popular Christians artist? I hope not, because what I mean is that it is a great song I presumed many other churches would be singing, but I guess they don't, do they?

  3. Thanks James, I'll take your comments as a compliment and I am actually an unpopular Christian artist! But thanks for making my slightly less unpopular!!


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