Friday, 25 November 2011

From The Archives: I Got Lost

I Got Lost

Fell from grace, right through the cracks

Emotionally raw rock song played on a two string guitar
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I lost my way
I lost my path
Lost my bearings
Mislaid the map
Looked for a star
But the night was black
Fell from grace
Right through the cracks

I didn't gain the world
But I lost my soul
Not asking for your pity
Just your hand to hold

I got lost, I got lost
See that face in the mirror?
That isn't me
I got lost, I got lost
Somewhere out there is the person
That I forgot how to be

I gave my all
I bought the shirt
I played the role
Until it hurts
I walked the walk
I towed the line
I stood for truth
And learned to lie

Thought I could save the world
And play a starring role
That dream became so brittle
And much too sharp to hold

I got lost, I got lost...

Pull up the roots
And start again
Tear down these walls
They've been condemned
So many dreams
To feed the fire
Don't waste one tear
For what's left behind

I got lost, I got lost, I got lost

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