Sunday, 20 November 2011

Day 324: Bongo Fury

Wow. A productive and happy day. Both feel a little too rare at the moment.

I completed song 45 - Don't Bring Your Bongos To Church, it took 12 hours from initial idea to finished uploaded demo. I think that's a record - Let's Build An Airport and If You're Here This Morning may have been quicker to write, but I think I demoed them the following day. It's a kind of Early Zappa meets Sun Records-era Elvis/Johnny Cash. Gonna try to post it tomorrow.

But for now just say "bring your bongos" out loud - doesn't that just feel amazing tripping over your teeth and tongue?

I also wrote part of a new song today - it's a lullaby/prayer for Christian parents to sing with their kids, as suggested/requested by a pupil of mine this week.

And I've been working on finishing an old song called Silver which is from Judas' point of view.

Liverpool beat Chelsea today which was great news. We're only 58 points behind Manchester City.

Another great song from Jonathan Coulton...he's a real Ukelele player

And Jon Gomm is from another planet - he's like all the best bits of Adrian Legg and Michael Hedges stuck together - with vocals!

Other free songs by Matt Blick

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