Monday, 28 November 2011

Bonus Mashup: The Intergalactic Wizard

Photo: Steve Burns

For my 46th song project I got distracted from the mashup idea that was distracting me from the song I was writing while I should have been writing another song.

I ended up working on a mashup of The Wizard by Black Sabbath and Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys. I've always thought the second track on The Sabs debut album was unfeasibly funky for a hard rock band. See what you think. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you

The Intergalactic Wizard - mp3

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  1. Steve Burns3/12/11 9:58 pm

    Love it Matt, as will the boys who happen to favour The Wizard as one of their favourite songs. Can't beat the drums on it.

  2. @Steve They have great musical taste. Where did they get that from? ;-)


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