Monday, 21 December 2009

Vote For Chris Spring!

Calling all Young Glory readers, (especially all you guys in the Newfrontiers network of Churches - this guy is 'one of our own'!).

Chris Spring
's fabulous free album The Universe Is Flat has been nominated for best free album on The free Christian music blog

This is some much needed, and long overdue, recognition for what is not only one of the best free albums, but one of the best albums full stop (or period as they in the US of Stateside)

He's up against some stiff opposition, so what you need to do is
What you need to do is head over there and, in a few clicks, VOTE.

If by some strange quirk of fate you haven't downloaded this masterpiece yet you need to go to

Chris Spring.Com RIGHT NOW and get it.

Failing that you should give up any pretence of liking music and go straight out and buy the X-factor single...

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