Saturday, 19 December 2009

Three Wise Men - #3 Brown On Syrup & A Classic Album

Jamie Brown @ Worthily Magnify has a good post called 'Say No To Syrup.'

he says There’s nothing wrong with syrup… on pancakes. There is a problem with syrup in church. It tastes sweet and it makes people feel happy, but it has no nutritional value. Half an hour after the service is over they’re hungry again. You’ve missed your chance to feed them eternal truth and you can’t get it back. Oh the deceptive allure of syrup. How do you know if you're getting syrupy? Try asking the following... Is Jesus presented as the glorious Savior or as a cuddly little baby?... Will [the visitor] hear predictable, fluffy, Ford Taurus commercial background music – or will he hear the good news of the Gospel?... Does the song reference there being snow on the ground?... Does it “beat around the ‘gospel bush’”?
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Jamie also took the time to big up Andrew Peterson’s “Behold the Lamb of God” as one of the all time greatest Christmas CDs. I heartily concur with his comments

[It] masterfully tells the story of salvation in twelve songs. The first five songs deal with themes such as the Passover, Israel’s longing for a King...“Matthew’s Begats” [is] the genealogy of Jesus Christ set to a bluegrass tune. It works. Really. I can’t say enough good things about this album. It’s full of rich, biblical truth, and tells this familiar story in a fresh way. I only have one small quibble with a phrase he uses on the first song, “Gather Round Ye Children”, where he says Jesus “gave up his pride and came here to die like a man”...that phrase could be seen as implying that...Jesus was prideful, and the wording of Jesus coming to “die like a man” might be a bit confusing. All in all, though, a fantastic CD and a good resource for some special songs to sing during Advent. And the rest of the year too.

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