Thursday, 17 December 2009

Simon Cowell: Cynical And Stupid

I'm sorry that should read -

Simon Cowell "Cynical and stupid".

As this is mainly a music blog I've not had any call to write about Simon Cowell, but the Facebook campaign to get Rage Against The Machine to Christmas number 1 in place of whoever won the X factor, and Simon's subsequent frothing, has given us a not-to-be-missed example of an arch manipulator getting a dose of his own medicine. He has branded the campaign as "cynical" and "stupid".


You do the grammar.

"It's quite a cynical campaign"
- and that differs from your work in what way?

"I also think it's incredibly dismissive...they treat our audience as if they're stupid and I don't like that"
- where you, Simon,
of course, treat them like the discerning musical connoisseurs they are.

"Me having a number 1 record at Christmas time is not going to change my life particularly. It does, however, change these guys' lives. We put this opportunity there so the winner of the X Factor gets the chance of having a big hit record."
- Heart of gold, this guy. He's just doing it for the kids.

Tom Morello of RATM has gone on record that he will donate some of the royalties to Youth Music (a UK young musicians charity that I've worked for in the past). The campaign itself is raising money for homeless charity Shelter.

If you want to get involved you must buy the song before Dec 20th from


There's some confusion over whether Amazon's 29p loss leaders count as anything under 40p doesn't register on the chart. Neither does buying more than one download (you naughty people). And please don't hate me for saying this but if you live in the States buying it will have no effect as it's the UK charts we're talking about (but when the next American Idol comes up...)

If you've been living in a cave for the last 17 years I should warn you that the track has a lot of swearing on it. But not as much as there will be in the Cowell household if things don't go his way on Dec 20th...

Finally if you do want to support "whoever won" then you can still buy their single -just get it on Dec 21st, safe in the knowledge you haven't let the side down...

But you should know that even previous X factor & Britain's got talent 'stars' are backing the campaign...

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