Monday, 28 December 2009

Best Of 2009: Music Videos

Here's my favourite music films/DVDs of 2009

1) Flight 666: The Film - Iron Maiden.

A heartwarming documentary about a heavy metal band of 50-somethings who buy a 757 jet for their latest tour and yet still seem to have their feet on the ground.

2) Arctic Monkeys - At The Apollo

Beautifully shot gig of a band who, if not at the top of their game, are certainly on the up. Really nice blend of hits and B-sides.

3) Joe Satriani Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival

Shot in 1988 but only released recently as part of the Surfing With The Alien (Legacy Edition) CD package. Heavy Metal guitar heroics with as much creativity and intelligence as free jazz.

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  1. A very worthy number one choice Matt. The only film I have seen in the cinema where most people stood and applauded at the end. And the guy with the drumstick still gets me everytime I watch it. Hopefully they will do something like this again.

    Oh and they won a Brit Award let's not forget!

  2. Ah, what's a Brit award when you can have a Blick award!


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