Saturday, 8 August 2009

Downloads Milestone!

The number 241 is a regular prime, a twin prime, a lucky prime and a Proth prime.

241 is a repdigit in base 15 (111).

It's the title of a song by Reel Big Fish and the short form of the phrase "Two for One".

It's also the number of times my songs have been downloaded from this blog!

Let's forget all this piffling 'breaking the 200 barrier' nonsense and join with me in celebrating this wonderful milestone.

By The Way. Someone left a comment about 'stealing' my songs, so just to clarify - I'm giving them all away! For FREE! You can download them, file share them, email then to friends, sing them to your dog, burn them onto a disc for your grandma, print off the lyrics and make an amusing paper hat out of them - anything you like. I want you to!

If you're interested, this is how the numbers break down -

Rise - 20
Son Of God/God The Son - 23
More Than I Could Say - 33
Song Of The Redeemed - 33
The Eglon Song - 49
The Weight Of Glory - 83

As you can see The Eglon Song is is tantalisingly hovering just below 50 (which of course is the smallest number that can be written as the sum of two squares in two distinct ways) so the next person to download it and leave me a comment on the Eglon page will recieve a personal email from me (if you leave an address ;-) with 5 facts about Matt that hardly anyone knows! Exciting no? I'm working hard at making them up...I mean remembering

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Related Fact: I don't understand any of the maths stuff in this post. I'm a musician. I only need to be able to count up to four...

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