Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Bench Press This!

Hey You!

Would you like to read Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology but just don’t have the time/perseverance/upper body strength?

Have I got news for you!

You can download a complete set of lectures by the Gruster from Christian Essentials covering every chapter of his massive tome, for the one time special price of FREE!


Let joy be unrestrained and let there be frolicking in the highways and byways. Sing along now: “Why this man is thematic, he’s charismatic, he’s systematic..."

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  1. It's a classic video isn't it, a championship winning karaoke entry by the South West UCCF Relay's 18 months ago.

    Good news on the Systematic Theology mp3s.

  2. Thanks for posting the video - it's very well done.

    Has Grudem really heard/seen it?


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