Monday, 10 August 2009

If I Close My Eyes They Can't See Me

Worthily Magnify, by Virginia resident Jamie Brown, is one of the best new blogs I've seen on worship (when I finally get around to doing a blogroll it'll be on there!).

Here's a few extracts from an excellent post on that most difficult of worship leader skills - leading with your eyes open!

if you’re leading worship and your eyes are tightly shut, no one can communicate with you. Your pastor might need to signal to you that he wants to say something after the song. The sound engineer might need to motion to you to plug in your guitar. Your band members might need to tell you that you’re in the wrong key. Check in visually every once in a while with various people who you know might need to catch your eye.

The challenge for worship leaders is how to be 100% engaged in worship, while at the same time being 100% aware of the band, the people, what’s coming up next, the clock, and where the Holy Spirit is leading in the midst of it all.
(read the whole thing).

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