Friday, 3 July 2009

Half Birthday - Top 5 Free Downloads

The Young Glory Blog is 6 months old and by way of a celebration I'm reposting my 5 best...Freebies. Modesty forbids me mentioning my own songs...whoops, I just did!
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5) Adoration (Song) - Brenton Brown

Beautiful slow burner worship anthem.

4) Charismatic Worship (Seminar) - Stef Liston

No nonsense advice for strengthening the manifestations of the spirit in our gatherings. (Audio & Video).

3) Band On The Run (Seminar) - Bob Kauflin

The best (by far) resource on doing band arrangements and doing them quickly. (Audio & video).

2) Thru-You (7 track EP) - Kutiman

(Especially 'Babylon Band', 'The Mother Of All Funk Chords' and 'I'm New'). Kutiman took around a hundred clips from YouTube, edited, pitch shifted & time stretched them, creating 7 brand new fresh and funky songs. A work of staggering creativity that proves all bets are off in web 2.0.

1) The Universe Is Flat (Album) - Chris Spring

One of my favourite albums of last year and totally free. Hints of every classic songwriter from the last 30 years, but in the end a true original. Coldplay wish they could write songs like this.

If you haven't downloaded this stuff, get to it NOW!

(Found any other great free downloads? - leave a comment!)

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