Sunday, 19 July 2009

Cash or Art? Lead Like A Man

Joel Virgo has a challenging article in the latest Newfrontiers magazine, entitled "Where are the men?"

He takes various elements of Church life (prayer, preaching, parenting, giving, humility to name a few) and looks at how we can slip into handling them in an effeminate way.

Here, he looks at corporate worship...

Do men ever come into a Sunday worship service and reflect ‘this is a masculine environment’? I reckon it’s possible, but you have to work at it. Some of our songs lend themselves to a masculine response – songs full of objective truth that help men know what they’re singing about. Songs that subjectively express our love or longing for Jesus are entirely Biblical. Just beware of unbalance.

A normal masculine man is going to be troubled in his first visit to church (even if he got saved at Alpha) if he has to stand for 40 minutes and sing words he would find awkward writing in a card to his girlfriend. You know the songs I mean.

Maybe your worship leaders (if they are guys) should be the sort who remind you of Johnny Cash rather than Art Garfunkel.

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