Thursday, 9 July 2009

You can't beat this rap...

(Do you see what I did there...?)

If rap is your thing and you can stand to tear yourself away from Tedashii’s new album for a few minutes, here’s a few more beats for treats.

Lyrycyst may have the worst case of name mispelling since Motley Crue (“Yo! I’m a lyrical tumour!” – not good!) but his free track Go Get ‘Em Kik v3 is really rather splendid.

(The Free Christian Music Blog heard it first)

Ditto for Praize Him, a live track from The Rep over at Kyle Campos’s blog Our Rising Sound.

The wonderful eccentric Pigeon John has two free tracks on RelevantMagazine.Com, Money Back Guarantee and Weight Of The World, that are “gonna melt your face off”. Unlike most of the downloads on the site they’re not ‘unplugged’ (unless the drum machine and keyboards you can hear are running off batteries).

Lastly but not leastly there’s beastly beats a plenty at BeastieMixes.Com which is a remix website where you can download, upload and for all I know sideload all manner of crazy user-generated remixes of Beastie Boys tracks.

For a band that allegedly put DRM on one of their recent albums they seem awfully cavalier about letting their peeps infringe other people’s copyright, but maybe they’ve seen the light.

If you don’t know where to start on this mash-up smorgasbord, let me suggest the awesome
Ch Check It Out_Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Remix,

And Intergalactic-Stronger Mix
both by Nygel (a friend the Cyst meister?)

and the crazy lo-fi-sci-fi drum and bass sound of
Bassdriver’s Pass The Mic- Children Again Passdamic

Peace Out – DJ Blyk

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