Saturday, 28 March 2009

Chris Spring - Under The Radar

The only thing stopping Chris Spring being the most underrated Christian Singer/Songwriter in the UK is that he's so far underground few people know he even exists.

Sure, he has 1525 friends on MySpace (which is roughly equivalent to about 74 real people) but his press link doesn't work, the website link brings you back to his MySpace profile (try it - hours of fun!), Wikipedia suggests you try 'Chris Spurling' and Google thinks he's an "Artist, writer & curator specialising in African art & culture"

And yet...and yet...

His album The Universe Is Flat is without a doubt one of the best, and most fully realised debut albums ever released.

And it's free.

(that's right, go and download it. I'll wait...)

tum tee, tum tee mmm....ah you're back!

Everyone needs a hobby, so I'm on a quest to get Chris Spring the status he deserves as most underrated...etc etc.

Join me.

Dave at RadarRadio has. His recent show features "Become Part Of The Crowd", along with tracks from Sufjan Stevens, Derek Webb, Andy Gullahorn & Sara Groves. You can Download the show here.

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