Monday, 29 December 2008

Don't be so intense!

Brenton Brown interviewed at

how do you mentally prepare for leading worship?

"Every song we sing is a prayer to the Lord. So from the very first song we're praying. Sometimes it just feels strange to me to pray about praying about praying about praying etc… I'd rather just drink my Diet Coke and start! If worship is a time of prayer then I can begin praying no matter what state of mind I start in. Hopefully as our eyes and hearts turn to the Lord He begins to transform us."

On the need to have other musical outlets...

"I think as a musician it's unfair to expect that congregational worship music is going to meet every musical need you have. I think many of our churches are filled with musicians hoping to live out all of their musical dreams in the Sunday morning worship service. This can make life hard for them, and it can also make life hard for their congregations!!"

You can also download Brenton's song 'Adoration' for free. 

I'm sure we'll be doing it at Grace Church some time soon.

(Update Oct 09 - We've been doing it for a while and it's an excellent song)

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