Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New (Easter) Song: TU4TX

TU4TX (Thank You For The Cross) was recorded during an Easter Service at Grace Church in 2008 but never released because it needed some serious remixing. But now here it is. Seriously remixed (well refixed is more like it).

The song was written in 1996. I rewrote the chorus melody and the verse lyrics in 2005 and rewrote the verse again in 2008. I really painted myself into a corner with the rhyme scheme and structure but a few people said it really moved them and that encouraged me to finish it.

The initial motivation was wanting to try to balance out the many sanitised portrayals of the crucifixion in movies and paintings. The cross was a bloody, sickening, humiliating spectacle... Mel Gibson had the same burden a few years later.

The song also predates the substitutionary atonement 'debate' that kicked off around the same time, so the emphasis on Christ dying FOR me wasn't prompted by a need to state which theological team I was rooting for, but I'm glad to let that be known all the same.

The unusual title came out of the fact that my church already sang one song with 'Thank You For The Cross' as the title (Brenton Brown's excellent song from Vineyard UK's Holy album) and another with it as the first line (Darlene Zschech's Worthy Is The Lamb, with it's unusual “darlene darling of heaven” line). Though I felt my song covered some fresh ground the title didn't. It was a happy accident that in writing songs I usually refer to them as acronyms. 'Thank You For The Cross, Lord Jesus' became TYFTCLJ became TYFTC became TU4TX.

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