Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 102: Babysitting & Old Manuscripts

Phew! What about Andy Carroll eh?


My GLW out for the night, me at Chico's football match and then holding the fort, so no Shabby Road and no finishing The Beard Song.

Opted to go through some old musical ideas. Been working on a few posts about 'my songwriting system' and the need to have one that works. Tonight brought it painfully home.

OK I know it's inverted (thank you PhotoBooth) but what we have all on one glorious page are

  • a photocopy something that is either Rhapsody In Blue by Gershwin or The Rite Of Spring by Stravinsky. I don't have the time, energy or eyesight to workout which. Why is it there? Who knows! 
  • A partial line up of Dizzy Gillespie's United Nations Orchestra. The mind boggles. I do remember Arturo Sandoval can play solos only dogs can hear.
  • Theme B1 (a one bar arpeggio in E major)
  • Theme C1 a three bar guitar hero lick that changes key. I'm sure the first bar has a wrong note in it.
  • Theme T1 (what?!) A bizarre semi-atonal lick that doesn't even attempt a time signature.
  • Something marked 'sax-type idea' which is in 4/4, yet has 13 quavers and a crotchet rest in one bar. It's marked 'very loose'. Ya think?!
Well, non of these ideas will ever appear in a finished song, but it represents one more page filed away.

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