Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Update On The Downloads (2)

Let's see...splishy,

It seems like only 26 days ago that I was reporting  The Greatest Commandment hitting 50 downloads. Well yous guys must dig the idea of Carlos Santana teaching sunday school 'cos it's now sneaked up to 75 downloads.

In other breaking news heaven-centred The Weight Of Glory is up to 150 and The Eglon Song has leaped, gazelle-like, over the 400 barrier. (I'd like to see the real flabbie baddie do any Antelope-based aerial feats).

And so far in my virtual career I've shipped 1400 mp3s out of my little virtual warehouse.

Thanks for making me feel musically wanted.

But actually what I'm most excited to report is that the download page has been updated and has a new feature. Each song has a 'leave a comment' link.

Now I want to ask you a favour.

If you've downloaded any of my songs and liked it, please head over there and leave me a comment. For every positive comment you leave I will donate 1 virtual pound towards building a virtual home for virtual children savaged by virtual fictional creatures.

Please show you care...

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