Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Meet the New Boss (Same as the Old Boss)

I've  got a lot of respect for Bruce Springsteen. This interview only increased that.

He shows real humility - posing as the 'Easter bunny', giving due respect to fellow musicians and writers (eg Patti Smith), doesn't take himself too seriously & shows obvious enjoyment in making music, even after all these years. And his dissing the fake scratches on Fallon's guitar is hilarious. He doesn't act like someone who's sold 120 million records. And he doesn't act like someone who's sold his last 120 million either.

The Roots are pretty hot too.

At one point the Boss mentions obscure instrumental "Wiggle Wobble" as a good track for the Roots to cover. By the next commercial break they've learnt it! (Watch Springsteen's face as they head into the break!).

As well as singing Save My Love, he pulls off a killer version of Because The Night. Remember this was an outtake that was due to be thrown away unfinished. Oh man. If only I had such diamonds in my trash can!

Fallon's show kicked off with Springsteen sending himself up dressed as his 1970's self dueting on Willow Smith's Whip My Hair with erm...Neil Young.

Enjoy it. Before NBC gets all possessive.

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  1. Interesting fact. The 2 most successful songs from the Darkness sessions were both dropped from the album an subsequently used by other people! (Because The Night and Fire)

    Also, if you've got a spare hour then this documentary on the Darkness sessions is great
    I reckon it's the documentary from that box set thing but not sure.

  2. Cool - will check out that doc (as I can't justify blowing £80 on the box set!)

  3. Yeah I know what you mean. I've bought the songs and that's all i feel i need!


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