Monday, 5 October 2009

Don’t Call Me Shurely*

Shure produce an excellent free e-zine aimed specifically at church sound guys/tech teams Shure Notes for House Of Worship. The latest issue has a round table discussion with some top sound engineers. If you do a monitor mix before you do the house mix they give you compelling reasons why you should stop doing it! (Update - thanks to Alastair and Mat for pointing out the main article contradicts this advice! Shurely shome mishtake! What's happening Shure?!!)

*Spot the film reference? Leave me a comment. The first correct answer will recieve a Blank Microsoft Word Document! Write your own letter, list, poem, anything!


  1. Cool - I always wanted a blank word document?

    Is the film... Star Wars? or Airplane - I always get those two mixed up?

    Also - Shure seem to advocate doing the monitor mix first.. Unless I'm missing something *really* obvious.

  2. Thanks for the link to the article matt. I think i'm with mat on this one re. the monitor mix before the main mix, although the notion of a "sound-check song" seems to be quite an interesting one and i think could work really well. hmm... lots to think about,


    Also, nice Airplane reference!

  3. Yes I read the main article which contradicts the round table! They say things like this...

    "One mistake that people make in the sound check process is setting the monitor levels with the house sound off".

    "If your band is using on stage amplifiers and/or monitors do not let them "fire up" the on-stage stuff until you have house levels pretty well set.

    "The biggest mistake churches make in doing sound checks is to start with the monitors and then add the main speakers".

    I must admit I can see alot of sense in the house first method (obviously some instruments (keys) will need to have something through the monitor just to function)


    Oh and Mat was first, but gave me two answers whereas Alastair got it right (it was Airplane) soooooo....I'll send you both a prize (man this is gonna bankrupt me!)


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