Sunday, 18 October 2009

Then Pete Said, "Let Us Make Carl In Our Own Image"

Pete Docter, creator of Pixar's 'Up', is a Christian. Here he tells World Magazine how his faith informs his art

It is a story's ability to draw people into common experience that Docter, who is like his Pixar colleague Andrew Stanton a Christian, says best allows him to exercise his faith in his work.

" In making these worlds I feel closer to God through working out the details of my creation as He must have worked out the details of His creation. Before I wrote out the character of Carl, I thought about his life story—where he came from and what went into to making him who he is so he would feel as rich and real as he possibly could. And that seems a bit like God with us—I know everything about him, and took great joy in making him."
Meg Basham World Magazine.Com

You can listen to a very interesting podcast with Pete here -
podcast interview with Pete Docter (

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