Tuesday, 6 October 2009

We're Starting A (Bowel) Movement # 2

Isaac Watts might have beaten me to the punch with his bowels song but here in 2009 it’s The Eglon Song that is moving people to the very core.

Downloads last week went past the 150, now 175 206 mark making it officially my most popular song . I’ve been tweeted, googled and facebooked (it only hurts a little) and Eglon has been lighting up the whole southern hemisphere.

Hold on, let me turn my hype generator down a notch…

Eglon has been downloaded by several people in New Zealand. Not quite viral then, more sniffly with a tickly cough.

The feedback has ranged from the good;

I can't get it out of my head. I even looked up the chords, so I could play it.

brilliant. we need more scripture stories set to song. I hope to hear this sung in churches across the nation.

What can I say… absolutely brilliant & biblical!!!!!Everyone loves it here

To the bad;

I thought that the song is not funny at all - I find it disturbing that this songwriter could not write about more upbuilding topics

In some ways, I wish the chorus were a little less catchy…

- Stephen Smith. Director, Information Services Crossway Books & Bibles

and the ugly;

This outrageous slur has just been brought to my attention. You need a slap

- King Eglon (Yes, the big guy has his own blog).

If you’ve downloaded the song and like it, why not

  • Tweet it, Digg it, Delicious it, link it, email it. Heck, record it on a cassette tape and stick it in an envelope if you want. (All the songs on this blog are free for you to share in any way you want. Go on be greedy. Download ‘em all twice).
  • Use it to minister to your flock. Sermons series on Judges, Sunday School, ministry times…

If you don’t like the song

  • Download some of my more normal songs (hint – all my songs are more normal). See if you like those better. You find 'em all in the My Songs column on the left.

And if you haven’t download the song yet, why not…

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