Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day 195: Houston We Have A Problem

So we're one week into 50/90 and what have I done? Diddly squat, that's what. Well no, that's not strictly true.

I'm still slowly dragging Never Be Silent to a conclusion and I think I'm fairly OK with that.

Before FAWM I rushed through Shang Ding Hong Song at an insane pace just to start FAWM with a clean slate but I've decided that 50/90 will have to wait for me. Most of my writing time over the last few weeks has been spent trying to create a 10 part vocal line for a chorus that changes key and time signature. I had to write it by feel – singing a line, then another, then a third then going back and altering the second and so on. I also added a cymbala part (finally found a spot for that Christmas present from my kids) and I'm hoping to record a cello part (that will NOT be played by me).

So although the song feels out of control I've recommitted to getting it done piece by piece and putting everything else (writing wise) on hold.

Here's what I still have to do

3rd chorus – 4 more parts
clean up/punch in a couple of lead vocal parts
2nd chorus – some simplish vocal parts – no written yet
outro – few overlapping vocal parts
build up to 3rd chorus – 10 vocal parts
write cello arrangement
record cello

man that's so boring - as you can guess I'm writing this more for my benefit that yours. I've got a few finished songs that I still haven't put up here - watch this space…

PS I did write a 2 chord ukelele song with some 6 year olds (Ukelele's are a big deal in the FAWM-50/90 universe).

PPS Nicholas Tozier recently posted another great article on songwriting called
Is Songwriting Mostly Inspiration or Perspiration? that you should definitely check out.
And for the record- I'm definitely on the sweaty side of the room

Download my new song: Faithful & True for free!!!
Other free songs by Matt Blick

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